No more Odyssey

Itaca Comunicazione Milano

If you’re tired of struggling in a troubled sea of agencies. If you’re looking for a safe port that will welcome you.
You’ve found your Itaca, the island for your heart and soul. You’re home.

No more odysseys.



is an agency formed by two entities: Itaca Comunicazione and Made in Itaca.

Both represent the point of arrival and of constant re-start of the journey of Simona Pisanello and her crew. Those who know Simona appreciate her courage and her smile even more. This is why they hand the helm of their communication to her and her creative shipyard, with trust and cheerfulness.

In Milan, the home port where everything began, and where everything returns.

In New York, the port on the other side of the ocean, a safe harbour for those who come from afar.

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From boutique to network

Itaca was born in Milan, on June 3rd 1998, as a creative boutique. Between 2001 and 2008, with the arrival of senior professionals from the advertising and online industries, it turned into an agency. In 2008, Itaca celebrated its 10th anniversary and officially entered the Digital Era. In 2013, it embarked on an adventure on the other side of the ocean, establishing Made in Itaca. The agency grew thanks also to its clients, showing a special elective affinity with wine producers, which have always been part of its portfolio. This is why in 2021 it collects under a special umbrella, ItacaWine, all the activities that the agency offers in the industry, those from the past, and those that are yet to come.

Becoming a partner

Not just suppliers of services, but allies in success. This is the commitment of Itaca, made possible thanks to the attention paid to developing a human relationship with its partners, all of whom deserve to be known in depth so that we can guide them in the best possible way. Strategy and creativity are the engine of every project, giving it rhythm and leading it to the goal by adding substance along the entire journey through the Metodo Itaca©.

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