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Dear friends

There's a special relationship that connects our agency to the wine world. A relationship that day after day has defined the identity of a special Business Unit which now has a name: ItacaWine, and is ready to listen to you with all its energy and creativity. Our expertise and my passion for wine are a family affair and have ancient roots. Wine is a choice of life I renew everyday thanks to many of you and thanks to the team of Itaca which for twenty years now has been transforming a creative shipyard into a passionate creative cellar... And here I have the pleasure to introduce to you to three exceptional professionals who have always been a part of it.

The story begins with the 1993 edition of Vinitaly.

Twenty diwine years

In those days, I was editing the newsletter of Vini Altoadige when, with Stefano, my fiancé at the time and now upgraded to husband, we decided to leave: destination Verona Fiere. It was love at first sight. From that moment on, I never missed an edition of Vinitaly and since 1998, when Itaca and Partesa per il Vino, of which Stefano was the creator, were born, my passion for wine has always been closely linked to my job. Meeting its most important representatives ­ producers, oenologists, critics, collectors, sellers ­ allowed me to get an understanding of the wine universe from within: unrepeatable tastings across Europe, starred dinners that have created intimate friendships with chefs and sommeliers, the backstage of vineyards and wineries and, when things became serious, of markets too: this beauty and knowledge acquired in those exciting first twenty years is what I use every day to present myself as a strategic partner when communicating wine.


With the sound basis given by the many projects created with many of you, in Italy and around the world, I decided to launch a division dedicated exclusively to wine so that traditional experience and digital reality can meet. ItacaWine is born to guide clients into an ever more competitive market.


Thanks to ItacaWine we strengthen the ambition of creating a real boost in the promotion of made in Italy around the world. Two recent case histories are emblematic of this: the launch of brand La Gioiosa in the US, and our coordinating activity in Italy to produce the first wine show on Youku, the most popular video and streaming platform in China, two projects created with our partner Ethica Wines.


To celebrate ItacaWine, we have created two exclusive events: two webinars organised by our historic consultant Slawka. In the first we'll debunk some myths and reveal a few secrets of wine tasting. In the second we will cover the difficult topic of brand loyalty and wine lovers with some tips on how to keep in touch with wine tourists.


In January I told you about the value of every member of the Itaca team. Today I follow this path and present three people who are essential for me when it comes to wine.

Slawka G. Scarso has been collaborating in the Itaca shipyard for many years now, since the days of HOST, a magazine we created for Partesa and dedicated to the on-premise channel. Her words live in our digital editorial plans, in the copy of the brand book created for olive oil Laudemio Frescobaldi, in the translation in English of Prosecco Way of Life, the book by Primo Franco, just to give a few examples.


I also have the pleasure to give you a more detailed presentation of two pillars of our PR department: Sara Vitali is the historic strategic partner of Itaca, a long-standing friend, and her Resumé with a capital R ranges, in over 30 years of activity, from Terre Moretti to Gualtiero Marchesi, from Antinori to Castello di Ama, just to mention some wine and food clients. With her we have supported clients such as Pala, Allegrini, Barone Ricasoli and Tenuta Luce and it is thanks to her precious help that we currently support Cusumano and Nino Franco.

Katia Cilia, an ongoing collaborator since the days of Partesa, is crucial in the management of the communication of the Casadei family and of their three estates. With her we share a prestigious new-entry among our clients: Biondi-Santi, a diamond in our crown.

But we'll tell you more – at full blast – in the next newsletter.

Welcome to the age of ItacaWine!