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Dear Friends,

Sometimes I wonder how Itaca can make a difference.

This is a crucial exercise to follow our NO MORE ODISSEY and in these days I found two themes in which I truly believe. The first confirms the choice of investing in the digital team as a crucial, but not exclusive, component in a communication agency. Are we going against the tide? Perhaps, but I'm convinced that in an over-specialised world, having a comprehensive vision is a winning choice.

At first I thought these were all just acronyms that would give me a headache: CPM, ROAS, CPC, BALANCE RATE... But I soon understood the opportunities hidden behind these words, the daily bread of a Business Unit – the DIGITAL one – that moves with the agility of a small agency within the agency, with the advantage of working in close contact with other areas in a relationship that guarantees harmony among all the parts of a project.

So I'm happy to present our team formed by Stefano Di Meo, Digital Strategist who comes from the luxury digital world and will be essential for ItacaWine and Lorenzo De Simone, Digital Marketing Specialist, a magician of analytics, capable of intuitions your investments will enjoy. With them there's Full Stack Developer Claudia Ambroggi, an expert in the development of efficient digital platforms, the female touch that adds soul to the cold world of code.

Until now, Digital Strategist Giulia Cazzulani, born 1993, ran the team. She's the one with me in this future-full photo: she's now the radiant mother of Allegra as well as the proud future Head of Creativity and Strategy at large of Itaca. And here is the second theme: supporting a promotion during a maternity leave, this was also a choice that makes a difference. A Very Ita©a choice. By handling new communication tools with ease, making them available for clients and colleagues, day after day Giulia became a point of reference for the team, revealing her gift for leadership, problem solving and enriching the strategy of every project with innovative solutions and original perspectives.

It may sound strange to read of a well-deserved promotion during a maternity leave, but the time has come and I'm sure this unconventional choice is an important step to change the paradigm that has women who decide to have a child penalised inexorably, right at the most creative moment of their lives.

Itaca, like her women and her men, knows how to raise the bar. And most of all, knows how to exceed it.

It's the nice thing about us. Happy future to everyone!