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Dear Friends,

Summer is in the air and on our creative island a warm breeze has been pampering us for a while…

Wind has come from the south, bringing a project that has spread its wings in these very weeks, a beautiful gift to celebrate Itaca's 23rd birthday.

On the 3rd of June 1998 I launched myself into this thrilling adventure, establishing my creative boutique which, step by step, has turned into the comprehensive communication agency you know, but also in its spin-offs Made in Itaca and ItacaWine.

But three things have remained the same, the sound flags of the Itaca Style (or Simona Style, but we know it's the same!): determination, passion and warmth. These are part of my DNA, which like the breeze mentioned above… comes from the South.

It's by unfolding these innate resources, with great pride for my maternal roots, that we won the call for tenders for the See Sicily campaign of Regione Siciliana. But – let me put this clear – also adding lots, and lots, of skills.

This is how it went. When the call was published, Benedetta and I shared a complicit thought: «It's on our cards», and despite the impossible deadline, our strategic, creative and digital teams created a choral work that led to this phone call:

«You won the call!». The project was ours.

Summer, holidays, Italy starts again.

Manlio Messina, Councillor for Tourism, Sport and Showbusiness for Regione Siciliana was our partner: the daily meetings with his staff, supported by Carmelo Indelicato and Ermanno Cacciatore, were crucial for the success of this project and allowed me to land on the island multiple times. I've crossed it from west to east, savouring from the very first moment that air of home which cannot be described unless it's part of your family history. When I found myself on the set of the ads we created with the involvement of 5 truly Sicilian testimonials – Nicole Grimaudo, Eleonora Abbagnato, Colapesce and Dimartino, Carlotta Ferlito – I thought with great pride that going back to one's roots had a beautiful flavour. Like the flavour of the freshly filled cannoli or of a hot arancina, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. And we call it arancina in the way they do in Palermo out of respect for the headquarters of the Regione Siciliana, because in fact, where I'm originally from, people say “arancino”.

The “See Sicily. Free Vouchers for You.” campaign will support holidays in Sicily thanks to a praise-worthy project from the Regione: for every two nights bought, one is free.

The ad has been on air on TV for a few days now, the billboards are to appear in different towns, online and on social media and the press campaign will arrive on the most important Italian magazines and newspapers. And this only for now, because in October we'll take it to Europe and the US.

The light of Sicily gives new nuances to the yellow of Itaca, but this very hot re-start fills my eyes with hope and enthusiasm: we celebrate our birthday while the world starts to travel again, like the frisbee in the celebration video that has been filling our social media accounts.

Wishing ourselves and all of you a bright summer!

Ah, I was almost forgetting, there are two more marvellous reasons to celebrate: Allegra and Andrea have arrived.
Congratulations to Giulia and Marta!