One day we were sitting around discussing rebranding: “If Google, Facebook, Airbnb and Tim did it, well, so can we!”

This is how this blog’s story began, as a tiny anecdote that is part of a much larger change for us. It started as a game, and a bit of a challenge, amongst ourselves: “OK, let’s see if we’re really brave enough to go ahead with this.” There’s always so many things to say, and the time to sit around a table to concentrate on yourself is always in tight supply. Finding that time has been one of the most satisfying results of the past few months. 

Speaking of months… it took us a couple of those to get where we are, but here we are indeed: we have a new logo, a new website, a new portfolio of services, and a team that is more determined than ever to have a blog in which to tell stories, both ours and yours. 

So what do you say? Do you like what you’re seeing?

We’re experimenting the thrill of change on ourselves, for Itaca we’ve been both the bringers and the promoters of it. We worked hard to understand why this small revolution was necessary and what its motivations were, how to structure what was to be done, and how to guide its development through challenges and success. 

This is how everything started, including this new space dedicated to our worlds in both Milan and across the ocean as well as keeping up with a changing industry, and sharing those highlights that illustrate how the world-stage of communication is in constant evolution— a stage which sees us involved as both actors and producers. 

In this new home of ours there’s an extra room: a sitting room where you’re more than welcome to visit for a cup of coffee and a quick read of our take on the latest trends in publishing, design and all things visual. But this will also be a place open for conversations on the evolution of digital marketing, advertising and the world of social media today and tomorrow. 

We created this space for you to take a peek at the stuff our days are made of.