It seems in the past few years the fine line between Politics and Hollywood has practically disappeared. Barack Obama , since the beginning, has been a likable candidate/president who has made a real effort to appear as relatable and down to earth as possible. His PR team has made a great job carefully coordinating his social media interaction and appearance in different talk shows. Showing us, the mortals, that a president being funny and relatable can be a great political strategy when it comes to winning votes. It makes him (or her) appear less plastic and distant, thus making you feel like you know him (or her).

This my friends, is political marketing all the way.

Another classical political marketing strategy that is currently in fashion is the “Taylor Swift Squad effect”. When you need validation, credibility and an instant sense of coolness, you have to be seen with some of the cool kids.

Taylor Swift started this trend and is now the queen of the “Regina George effect” (yes, this is a Mean Girls reference). How can a country girl, shy and sentimental suddenly become Miss Popularity? Easy, gather a Squad of the Hottest A-listers in Hollywood to hang out with you and join your “team”.

So now, in the midst of the most controversial, televised and scandalous American Elections of all times, Hilary Clinton´s PR team is pulling a “Taylor Swift Squad” to boost her credibility with the young audience. How? By inviting cool Hollywood figures as her spokespersons and advocate for her. Of course, every “cool kid squad” needs a bit of diversity in order to communicate to all audiences. Thus, you need gay celebrities, black celebrities, mature celebrities, young celebrities…you get the point.

So, with no further introduction, see for yourself Hilary´s team attempt to pull of a Taylor Squad move. I´ll let you form an opinion about it. Does it actually work? Only time will tell.