The 2016 summer season and 2016/2017 winter season has marked the stride of fundamental change to the life and story of Courmayeur Mont Blanc: with the need to thoroughly rethink the approach to territorial marketing of one of the hallmark destinations of Italy, the wish to tap into more and more international, high spending tourists, seeking exclusive Made in Italy and at the same time able to be entertained and indulge in a bit of real R&R, Courmayeur Mont Blanc has embarked upon a real revolution in telling its story, emphasizing its status as “Italy at its peak” - payoff born with the end of 2016 rebranding.

The investment in an integrated communications campaign has lifted, in over only a few months, Courmayeur Service Centre to far surpass all the other Italian mountain towns, and promoting Courmayeur as "top Italian mountain destination 2017".

Itaca Comunicazione has had the privilege to participate on an exceptional team: in charge of strategy and the coordination of digital communications, we have found in the staff of the Courmayeur Service Centre a group that has been able to provide new life, support and to bet on ideas and initiatives that, which if compared with previous results, would have seemed beyond reach.

With an ear to the networks, to the sentiment linked to the town and to the tourist attractions/services, together with a careful analysis of the marketing and communications objectives we have been in the position to define a data-driven strategy aimed to:

  • define a precise brand positioning online
  • optimize the production processes of the Courmayeur in-house digital team
  • to define an editorial approach to writing of contents dedicated to social media with the objective of stimulating engagement and production of User Generated Content
  • to manage communities in an effective way with particular attention to reference group targets.
  • Optimize the production and planning of social media ads and web marketing messages on proprietary and third party channels
  • plan influencer marketing activity dedicated to the promotion of the territorial tourist attractions and of services.
  • To communicate and go viral with the rebranding of the ski town, special initiatives and events organized together with with sponsors and partners.

In less than 12 months of activity and thanks to beautiful team work, we have succeeded in:

  • doubling the number of accesses to the site (with corresponding boost in the number of people at the resort both in the winter and summer seasons)
  • duplicating and surpassing the volume of the communities on single social channels (with consequent growth in buzz and improvement of the sentiment of the location)
  • doubling of engagement and amplification of the range of communications in reference countries (with corresponding pick up in bookings and sales of services by tourists from foreign markets.)

PS. We do it in Courmayeur, and you?