We've all now heard about the latest upgrade to the world's most famous messaging platform (with over 1.3 billion users!): WhatsApp.
On 20 January 2018 - the Italian launch date - WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business, offering users the option to separate their personal and professional messages.
The update is currently only available for Android devices in a limited number of countries, including Italy, the UK, the USA, Indonesia and Mexico, but the service is set to be rolled out in every country, for every device.

So let's find out more about who it's for, and the advantages offered by this new version.
WhatsApp Business is designed with small and mid caps in mind, allowing them an official presence on the platform with a verified profile.
Once you open a business account you can enter information useful to users such as a description of your business, your business address, email and website.
Via the settings, you can also activate:

  • a quick reply system so that you can save your replies to your most common messages and get back to your clients promptly
  • a greeting message to introduce new customers to your business
  • automatic responses to let people know when you aren't active on the platform.

With WhatsApp Business you can also receive app usage statistics, such as the number of messages read, or what devices your customers are chatting from.

It must be said that WhatsApp Business is not providing any significant sector innovation, because there are already other active tools that offer direct contact or similar support with customer communications (Messenger, Telegram, Business Chat on iPhone, etc.) but it certainly wins over others for the convenience of not having to leave the platform that we use every day.

And customers don't need to install anything new to chat with a business. But the business user must install the new app, in order to keep their business and personal accounts separate.

We look forward to seeing how WhatsApp Business evolves, and we'll keep you up to date with all the latest news. We've heard whisperings about WhatsApp Pay, a hypothetical payment platform that will be integrated directly into the messaging app.

Stay tuned!