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Dear Friends,
in these days of assessments and plans, I picked up a book I have read, led by a passion that has always pleasantly inspired me: bridges.

The book is a marvellous novel by Raffaella Romagnolo called Destino - Una storia italiana del Novecento (published by Bur/Rizzoli), the story of a brave woman who never forgot her roots. I must admit that I immediately related to the protagonist. In her I saw the spirit that livens up Itaca.
This passion is for bridges, suspended structures that invite us to overcome limits and borders: my pantheon (or perhaps bridgetheon -;) includes the Golden Gate in San Francisco, Puente de las Mujeres in Buenos Aires, Calatrava's bridge in Reggio Emilia. But my absolute favourite is the Brooklyn Bridge, the one on the cover of Destino and on the wrapping of chewing gum when I was a child. The first time I saw it for real in New York, it brought me to tears.

The Big Apple has always been my dream, something that has to do with my migrant's heart. When in 2013 I imagined Made in Itaca, the bridge between Itaca Comunicazione and the United States, I went to Ellis Island in search of the roots of a great-uncle who left from Naples for America. Finding his name in what was the “bridge” par excellence towards America, brought me luck, and today our agency in the US, directed by Ricardo Ramos Lazcano is a creative boutique that starts to have a rich portfolio of projects.

With Made in Itaca and Ricardo – who has just received the prestigious "Outstanding Leader" award from the  Marketing 2.0 Conference - in 2021 we worked on the Corporate Identity and the website of Italian Spirits on behalf of ICE (Istituto Commercio Estero). Ethica Wines continues collecting successes, like the latest received by Villa Sparina which was proclaimed Best Winery of the Year and, thanks to the work of Made in Itaca too, the Silver Award for the social launch campaign of La Gioiosa at the prestigious MEA Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award. And speaking of bridges: after two years of restrictions, the Asia and America teams of Ethica Wines have flown over the bridges that connect the two big continents to Europe, to meet at hotel Fanes in San Cassiano. In the surprising setting of Alta Badia, on the 18th of December they met wine producers in a future-full event which we organised for them and of which I'm sharing with you some fresh photos full of emotions.

I also like the bridges of Milan, which make me think of ideas and life: with CCL, il Consorzio Cooperative Lavoratori we've crossed many bridges – from Navigli to Lambrate – thanks to excellent projects on the sense of neighbourhood community in Milan. You can find some nice stories of social cohesion in the Instagram profile we recently launched.

In my Milan you'll also find the headquarters of CADMI, Casa di Accoglienza delle Donne Maltrattate, and this Christmas we're gifting this association that helps abused women with a brand-new website, our intimate bridge towards solidarity. The other charity project in which we participate each year, the Panettone Sospeso, couldn't be more in harmony with this theme of bridges.

I have not become an architect but thanks to Itaca and my team I'm proud to have built bridges capable of creating opportunities, to reach new territories and unexpected goals. A good bridge can also help to overcome stormy seas; hence I renew more than ever our motto: No more Odyssey, thanks to the fantastic bridges we will build together.

Happy holidays to everyone.


P.S. The offices at Itaca will be closed from the 24th of December to the 9th of January.