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Simo around
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Dear Friends,

For almost thirty years now, between the end of July and the beginning of August, I get ready to reach my second island (after Itaca, of course) and this year too I won't spoil the tradition.

I'm already there in my mind and today, instead of telling you about the beautiful projects and about the (also beautiful) clients we've taken care of on the main island, and of the even more beautiful things that will happen in September, I'd like to share my secret to recharge my batteries.

I basically read throughout the holiday, with all due respect to those with me, who have learnt to tolerate my impatience in front of any attempt to distract me: «Simo, shall we have a swim?», «Simo, how about an ice cream?», «Simo, how about a chat?».
In fact, I read throughout the year, but my daily commitments don't allow me to fully enjoy the pleasure of reading all in one go, and the nine/ten hours spent on the beach are perfect to make up for that.

Here are the titles I've set aside for this year: it makes me happy to think we will read them together, each one on their island...
I love noir novels and at the top of the list there's Massimo Carlotto's E verrà un altro inverno  (Rizzoli), guaranteed enjoyment. Antonio Manzini's Vecchie conoscenze (Sellerio) is the latest Rocco Schiavone novel and I prefer it to the TV series. La sabia brucia (Bompiani) is Fausto Vitaliano's latest novel. On top of being a good writer, he's also a dear friend. And now excuse me if I mention ItacaWine: when he was writing this novel, Fausto got me involved in the creation of a starred menu to which I paired – how could I resist? – some wines from our range: Attems Cicinis Collio doc Sauvignon Blanc; Terre Siciliane Igt Salealto CusumanoBrunello di Montalcino Riserva 2012 Biondi-SantiNino Franco Valdobbiane Superiore di Cartizze docg. The author later told me that when presenting the books people often compliment him on the accurate selection and I'm not surprised because I know very well the feeling I get when enjoying your successes!

There aren't just noir novels in my top-list but also some excellent literary novels: from Eshkol Nevo's World Cup Wishes – his first book Three Floors Up inspired Nanni Moretti's acclaimed film at Cannes ’21) – to Valerie Perrin's Three, and who knows if it will repeat the marvel of Fresh Water for Flowers. And then there's another classic that I'm curious about since, perhaps it's the same with you, I only watched the Walt Disney animation: Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book which my friend Stefano Tettamanti has just translated in Italian and, knowing his talent, I'm sure he did an exceptional job.
I could go on and on but my digital team, Stefano, Lorenzo and Claudia, tell me that newsletters must be short and sharp. So if you want to know more, drop me a message :) .
Wait, I was about to forget. There's another work you must absolutely read, the first time you will play with your mobile phone: look up Villa della Torre's Instagram page and enjoy the lovely La dama delle Due Torri. It's the first romance published in social episodes and it's part of our digital strategy designed to communicate the territory, the sumptuous setting and the new labels of the Villa.
Isn't it a beautiful way to make the summer even more seductive? Reading to create islands of pleasure and peace, till we meet again, more beautiful, and bolder than ever, on our Itaca.

Happy holidays, hugs Simona.