‘ We are. ’


We are a curious bunch: sometimes family, sometimes workshop, sometimes lab, but always a group of people able to take on the next communication challenge. In Itaca, each and every one of us has their own unique passions, experiences and points of view. “We” in Europe, in the historical office of Milan, and “We” from across the ocean, in North America, are here to help you and your brand have a most excellent day.   


June 3, 1998: Itaca is born. She’s a Gemini, just like her founder, Simona Pisanello. Our first steps are those of a graphic design studio, with a twist: we’re a small creative boutique with a burning desire to grow.
And grow we do.
From 2001 to 2008 we develop into a “real” agency and attract senior talent coming from traditional advertising and web design. In 2008 we celebrate our tenth birthday and jump into the world of all things 2.0. We begin talking about social networks and brand building. Five years later, in 2013, we map the path for our first adventure outside of Italy’s national boundaries. Between 2014 and 2015 that adventure becomes our daily bread. Today, in 2017, we’re looking for the next finish line to cross alongside you.