Pr & influencer

Contents or contacts?
It may seem that one excludes the other, but it’s not true. Content generates contacts and contacts move content. We like both, without any preference.


Handing a product to an influencer is not enough: you must make sure they become the main character in an experience that can portray the brand through a captivating story. Influencer marketing allows to have a significant connection between online and offline: thanks to its events it brings the community in “physical” contact with the brand.

  • analysis and selection of the influencers that are most coherent with the brand’s positioning 

  • definition and development of personalised activities  

  • analysis of the activity’s impact.


Our activity includes content creation, media analysis, creating a mailing list of journalists, editing and sending press releases, follow-up activities to support the publication of news, and organising interviews with the company’s managers. An activity that includes all kinds of national and local press, tv, radio, both specialised and general-interest.

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