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Maso Zambo
Creating a brand and its identity.
Positioning, brand personality, naming, logo, payoff, corporate identity and integrated communication strategy.

A dream comes true: how to create a luxury lodge in Valsassina, north of Lake Como, that would be different from everything else in terms of offer and personality?

From theory to pratice

Market analysis

A lodge as a synonym of elegant luxury, exclusiveness and intimacy.

Competitor Analysis

It’s hard to find nearby structures that offer both rooms, wellbeing and catering.

Global Trend analysis

The luxury of the essential: in hospitality there’s a great focus on nature and on activities that allow guests to fully enjoy it.

Target Analysis

The pleasure-seeker: pleasure seekers seek material pleasure, recognise beauty. They’re aesthetes. Connoisseurs.


Being part of an élite, a close circle of people.

Brand strategy

Personality: the magician. Magician brands transform the world and create delight through their imagination and wit. Mysterious, creative, and naughty.

Positioning and promise

An experience focused on elegant luxury, exclusiveness and intimacy.

Tone of voice

Elegant, authoritative, glamourous, warm.

45° 55’ 58,80’’ N - 9° 28’ 48’’ E

MASO ZAMBO, a name that encloses two identities: the first identity is connected with nature and the earth, and is represented by the word MASO, which means farm, and recalls the mountains and the life in the valleys. The second identity has to do with the most mysterious and evasive aspect of the brand, ZAMBO. Zambo is the nickname given to Stefano Zambon, the owner, a man who pays attention to the details that always make a difference. With such a surname you need a logo that is up to the standards: hence the monogram, typical of luxury and fashion brands, an M and a Z which together form the outline of a papillon. And then there’s the payoff: “Keep it secret”, which tells the spirit of the lodge and of those who choose it, inviting them to keep it secret. And finally, the visual identity: typographic family, colours, texture, business card, headed paper, envelope and infographics inside the lodge. Nothing is left to chance, just like Zambo wants it.

Far away from everyone, close to everything

Even for the website the work on positioning and on the evolution of the concept was crucial. Design, carefully selected photographs, content creation and development. We have created a website that communicates luxury, and anticipates the real experience that guests will have at the Maso while guiding them in the online booking of their stay. 


A Luxury Mountain Lodge like the Maso needs social accounts that will mirror the uniqueness of the place. We created content that fascinates the users while illustrating the attention to detail. The goal is not just to attract clients, but also to transform their words and images into main characters. We populated the feed with reviews, photos, stories, videos from our guests, each one unique and personal in its own right. We worked on the place’s awareness and on the engagement of the community. And through a constant work of community management, we pampered and retained our guests.

Keep it secret!

A top-secret destination like Maso Zambo needs the right special agents to tell its story. A few well targeted hints and lots of surprises helped get some key influencers involved and have them join the project. From lifestyle, to food passing through some irreverent people, here are the Maso’s influencers: 

Tommaso Zorzi
Famous on television and online for his participation in many shows, with a community of over 600k followers.

Caterina Zanzi @conoscounposto
A true Milanese, she’s the narrating voice of all the experiences that you cannot miss in Milan and the surroundings, with a community of 87k followers.

Francesca Cinà @myway 
Fashion and lifestyle influencer, elegance enriched with a pinch of genuineness, she’s appreciated by over 110k followers.


The influencer marketing activity saw the involvement of the influencers in three strategic moments of the year. The goal was to increase awareness and the results exceeded expectations.

6.300 unique users

have visited the website


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