Walk. Discover. Live.

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Walter Calzature
Recognisability and notoriety.
Positioning, brand personality, payoff, integrated communication strategy, training of sales reps.

Three historic shops in three neighbourhoods of Milan, an e-commerce, an owned brand: how to renew, relaunch and present Walter Calzature which, since 1968, offers the perfectly fitting shoes for the people of Milan?

From theory to practice

Competitor Analysis

The proximity analysis showed us similar shop windows, chaotic and with a large focus on price, what with discounts and sales. The online analysis showed coordinated images studied in the smallest detail and a guaranteed customer care, 24h.

Global Trend analysis

Neighbourhood shops have a new life: they bring value, are placed and live next to other local activities that go beyond the simple selling of a product.

Target Analysis

The true woman, who lives and works in Milan, industrious, beaming, she prefers practicality and ethics to fashion and single use.


The need to feel always in good hands, in every step of the purchase.  

Brand strategy

Personality: the regular guy. Regular brands invite their interlocutors to feel good, they make everyone feel accepted for what they are and they create sound and loyal communities.

Positioning and promise

Walter Calzature takes care of his real women, creating authentic connections, showing some real aspects of the brand which may not always be perfect, listening and presenting himself and his story.

Tone of voice

Simple, empathic, human.

Step by step

Understand, analyse, become new: the steps with which we have guided Walter Calzature towards the rebranding. Target, specific goals, shared philosophy, all this shared with owners, sales reps and suppliers.

By analysing the three points of sale we understood the neighbourhood and built three personas which represent the core target. These personas are a richness on which to build a digital marketing strategy, to bring traffic to the e-commerce, and create posts on social media.  

From the target, the brand promise: take care of his women, through customer care, with certified products and in the production of its branded products, the Walterine shoes.

We gave the brand the regular guy archetype. These brands have simplicity as their philosophy in life: kindness, transparency and genuineness are the values with which they welcome new clients and reconquer the loyal ones.  

This positioning set the foundations for the payoff: “Cammina. Scopri. Vivi.” [Walk. Discover. Live.]. These three imperatives are an invitation to clients. They convey in an evocative way the moments of the day, the meetings you can have, in a city like Milan. A journey taken with the product and leading back to the product. It’s the story of the life of the women of Milan, a story to which one can relate.

Three different faces of Milan

The woman in Via Marghera seeks comfort and guarantee when purchasing.
The woman in Via Ponte Vetero must find the right product fast.
The woman in Corso Buenos Aires is passing by and must find an evolution of the shop round the corner.

The communication strategy is based on these three women: the loyal, the career woman, the shopaholic, and has three parallel developments based on three global communication trends: 

Adding value: Walter calzature, in its communication, gives value to the people having customer care during sales as its pride.

Living proximity: Walter Calzature has an important mission: it presents its city, through the Walterine shoes, their brand, which makes them unique, special and different from their competitors.

Taking a stand: means sharing the ethics of the brand with everyone, selecting raw materials of the highest quality, respecting people and the environment. Because consumers these days love when brands take a stand.

Internal branding

An important step in Itaca’s consultancy approach is internal communication and training the employees: workshops, role play, elevator speech. These are only some of the activities we create to share the choices made in terms of communication with everyone. Businesses are made of people, and people are an important communication channel in order to speak with a unique voice. 

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