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Ethica Wines
Communicate in a coherent way in the markets of Italy, USA and Asia.
B2B communication activities, social media strategy, stand, catalogues, website, newsletter, advertising.

How to communicate the business and the activity of Ethica Wines, an importer and distributor of Italian wines around the world?

From theory to practice

Market analysis

In the USA: wine = lifestyle. Consumption is at home and outside the home. Communication is product oriented.
In Asia: wine = status. Consumption is in the Ho.re.ca. channels and collaborations are being born between wine, fashion and luxury. 

Target Analysis

B2B players (distributors and sales force, F&B managers, importers, ho.re.ca retailers) and Italian wineries.


Need of guarantee.

Positioning and promise

Offer clients the greatest Made in Italy expertise and specialisation with reference to the import-export of wine. Preserve this promise by ensuring competence, stability and speed.

Tone of voice

Authoritative, empathic, essential.

Competitor Analysis

One2Many vs One2One: some focus on numbers, some on relations.

We Are Vino

For Ethica Wines we developed a dynamic concept, capable of illustrating all the nuances of the brand and the global communication activities, never losing the link with its 100% Italian DNA. This is how WE ARE VINO was born, which was developed also into WE SPEAK VINO (to speak of the wines’ features), WE LIVE VINO (to present consumption occasions), WE DISCOVER VINO (to present the wineries), WE TRAVEL VINO (to illustrate what it means to import and distribute Italian wines all around the world), WE LOVE VINO (to share stories and events), WE SIP VINO (to accompany tastings), WE ROCK VINO (for the casual moments)… and so on. 

One2Many vs One2One: some focus on numbers, some on relations.

We Study Vino

The uniqueness of the brand is given by the coherence of all the messages, and for a brand like Ethica, that travels every day from one corner to the other of the world, it’s crucial. To enclose all of Ethica Wines’ communication rules into just one tool, we created a brand visual identity manual, divided into two chapters. The first presents the brand, its mission, vision, personality, values, tone of voice and positioning compared to its competitors. The second is dedicated to the visual identity. This way, whoever will want to talk of Ethica, will do so in coherence with the brand and its positioning.

We Write Vino

Every year we create catalogues for Ethica Wines that include and enclose all the wines in the Ethica Wines portfolio, divided according to the distribution/import market. We develop the concept, create the editorial project, write the content and design it: this results into catalogues for the USA, Asia and Canada, that are all different but share the same strategic idea.  

We Travel Vino

For Ethica we dressed up the stands at Vinitaly and Vinexpo, conceived as a bridge between the main markets addressed by the brand: USA, Canada and Asia.
We designed the spaces so as to host meetings between the different continents and
share them live on social media.

We Rock Vino

To support the most important international wine fairs, Vinitaly, Vinexpo and ProWein, we created a series of unconventional tools to invite clients: the Unconventional Mailing. The “travel & survival” kit, presents the two main souls of Ethica: the world of wine and problem solving, which has no boundaries; a custom-made tailor measuring tape, linked with the advertising campaign to present Ethica’s ”Italian cut”. Invite, amuse, entertain, surprise.

We Surf Vino

A brand like Ethica needs an effective, immediate website, with a significant database that can be used from all around the world by the entire sales force. With this in mind the website of Ethica Wines was born, focused on the relevant markets, the products and the people.

We Love Vino

For the most prestigious trade publications in the world, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, we created the concept and then developed various advertising campaigns. 

We Share Vino

The digital identity of a brand that is so widespread and multifaceted is very important. Every country has its channel of reference, its hashtags, its visual and verbal codes. So with Made in Itaca, for Ethica, we managed Facebook and Instagram daily, in the US and Asian markets, starting from a digital strategy based on well-defined goals, that takes into account the specific features of each channel and target. 



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