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Build a group and the identity of each brand it comprises
Brand architecture, positioning, personality, and corporate identity

Many brands, one philosophy: how do you build a Group, and how do you communicate it while giving strength and uniqueness to each single brand?

From theory to pratice


DCaadei is the keeper of the earth. Indeed, the Group’s products will always be made following a BioIntegral philosophy.


Care, attention, passion, responsibility, time, hands and heart. Only this way you can protect the future and the earth.

Global Trend analysis

The awareness of the negative global and social impact of consumerism has never been so high. This is why consumers appreciate products and services that are committed to respect the environment.

Target Analysis

The BioIntegri: are responsible and loyal to their principles, they’re optimistic, love nature and its balance. They eat and drink in a healthy and responsible way. They are people of nature, pure.


Respect and safeguard the future, acting on the present. 

Brand strategy

Respect, freedom, transparency.

Tone of voice

Expert, sincere, direct.

DCasadei means Family

DCasadei is an Italian Group that through the BioIntegral philosophy has developed a new way of producing and living. DCasadei is the soul of Stefano Casadei and his family. Hence the logo was born: that D is not just a graphic play but a belonging (di means of in Italian). Gruppo DCasadei is indeed made of six brands: Casadei, Olianas, Castello del Trebbio, Le Anfore, I Puri and I Naturali. To better identify the mission, we created a payoff “Con i piedi per terra" [With the feet on the ground] developed a corporate identity and gave the group a portal, a digital space through which they can present themselves. 

A philosophy of life that must be cultivated

But what does BioIntegral mean? Being BioIntegral is today the basis to live the future well; it’s about taking now the necessary steps to protect nature in the future. DCasadei’s BioIntegral is ethics applied to farming, architecture, hospitality, and hence to all the brands that make the group. This philosophy thus became a warranty seal, of which we created the concept, name, logo and icons

Being BioIntegral

We presented the BioIntegral philosophy and the identity of the DCasadei brand inside a company profile for which we created the concept, the content and developed the editorial project, including a dictionary of BioIntegral words. 

The DCasadei way

When you build a Corporate Brand, the Power Brands of which it is made must be organised according to a specific hierarchy, based on the target and on the positioning of each brand. The DCasadei group is made of three business units: wine, with primary level (Olianas, Casadei and Castello del Trebbio) and secondary level (Le Anfore) power brands; food, which includes i Puri and make up, which includes I Naturali.

Olianas, an ancestral wine

For the wines of Olianas, the Sardinian winery of the group, we developed the concept and the creativity for their labels. We run the press office and organise their events


Casadei, international wines in Maremma

For Casadei we created the labels of Sogno Mediterraneo, Armonia rosso and Armonia bianco, interpreting in various ways an important and historic protagonists: the angel, the keeper of the lands, the tradition, the family. For winery Casadei we created a communication strategy to launch the new winery. The #CasadeiExperience was the protagonist of a press event, during which Stefano Casadei and his family opened the new winery. The main experience for the guests was the BioIntegral journey

Castello del Trebbio, earth and history

For Castello del Trebbio, we created the label for their Sparkling Wine interpreting the graphic concept of the other labels, thus respecting the family style. Finally, in 2018, we organised an event at the Castle inviting the national press to a vertical tasting in which the main protagonist was Lastricato Chianti Rufina.

Le Anfore, from one generation to the next

For Gruppo DCasadei wines in amphoras are not a matter of trend: they’re a precious collection, made using some of the wines from the family estate. To communicate this special line of wines we organised a tasting for the trade press at Palazzo Parigi, in Milan, during which young Elena Casadei, daughter of Stefano, representing the new generation, explained all the characteristics of the project. 

I Puri, real products from the earth

For the food brand of Gruppo DCasadei we created the naming, logo and packaging of all the products: pasta, spelt, oil and saffron.

I Naturali, nature on the skin

Finally, for the make-up brand of Gruppo DCasadei we created the naming, logo, pack and corporate identity. So the face creams, hand creams, the serum and the coconut butter speak the same language of the group, the BioIntegral language.

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