Rovagnati US

THE client

Rovagnati US

The historic family business, established in 1943 by Paolo Rovagnati, crosses the borders of Italy and to conquer America. The new plant in New Jersey has given life to a process of brand internationalisation with the goal of becoming an icon abroad too. 


Where we started from

The goal is to introduce the Paolo Rovagnati line and Rovagnati’s Protein Snacks in the US market through a focused instore campaign, through partnerships with American chefs, social media campaigns and press office activity on food magazines to improve brand awareness.

What we did

We managed and coordinated the US press office with the support of food bloggers and some morning shows like Wake Up with Marci. On the brand’s new social media channels, the goal is to make consumers more aware, through educational content with a Made in Italy flavour.

social media campaign

Pos materials

press review

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