THE client


Cusumano, with its 520 hectares of vineyards, is one of the most important producers in all Sicily: a winery where quality and quantity go in the same direction, allowing everyone to discover the true essence of Sicilian wines.


Where we started from

The goal of Cusumano is to strengthen its brand awareness and reposition itself among the brands of Italian wine. The challenge is doing so through PR and Press office activities and the involvement of a varied and across-the-board target that can channel its values.

What we did

Through an ongoing activity of media relations with the press and a strategy that aims at the wine and lifestyle press, we created value around the forte that characterises Cusumano: the differentiation of the production of 12 wines across 5 territories.



During the pandemic, the Phygital Tasting for the launch of Cusumano’s new Cru Salealto, shows that from complicated moments charming and surprising experiences can be born. Diego Cusumano and winemaker Mario Ronco guided the event remotely, with 24 wine and lifestyle journalists.

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