THE client


Marcolin is one of the leading Italian companies in the design, distribution and production of eyewear. Today they have 14 branches all around the world and over 150 distribution partners in over 125 countries.



Where we started from

Marcolin feels the need to train its internal team. The goal is to get every member involved, so that they are more aware and can participate in an active way in the company’s ecosystem

What we did

Making the training programme creative and stimulating: we have created events, team building activities and projects dedicate to training Marcolin’s employees, overcoming the idea that corporate training cannot be unique and surprising.


Training is very important, but this doesn’t mean it should be boring. We have designed a series of interactive training events and created their new corporate identity for Train the Trainer.

Sales experience

An experential training event is born, to work on team building through the metaphor of cooking : cooking training. Just like at work, in the kitchen too you must organise resources, knowledge, the available time and collaborate to reach a final goal.


Sharing knowledge to support everyone’s growth; this was the theme of Marcolin’s Corporate Meeting which we created and of which we curated the corporate identity.


How can we transform Marcolin’s product-based business model into a completely new vision, totally focused on clients? The key is to focus on customer experience with an internal project that can focus first of all on the components of the company: CX Factor.

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