Tenuta Luce

THE client

Tenuta Luce

Tenuta Luce is a winery established in 1993 by Vittorio Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi with the desire of making a dream come true: that of creating in Montalcino, an exceptional territory for the production of fine wines, a wine that would go beyond tradition, without disowning it.


Where we started from

Acquiring an international positioning as a great Italian excellence and in Italy creating awareness of its excellent and unique wines. Tenuta Luce arrives at Itaca to establish a route towards these two important macro communication goals.

What we did

During 12 years of collaboration with Tenuta Luce, we have designed, produced and launched a series of strategies and communication activities that, over time, have contributed to strengthen a brand with a strong Italian identity, so it could create new imaginary worlds and travel around the world.


The strategic idea that guided the creativity was based on the dualism of Tenuta Luce and its most iconic wine. Both of them are the perfect synthesis of a double: two founders, one Italian and one American; and two grape varieties, one traditionally Tuscan, and the other profoundly international.


Outsider is the magazine that illustrates, year after year, the national and international celebrative moments that have marked the journey of the Winery, starting from its 20th anniversary. From the first magazine, starts the second, Birth, which celebrates the birth of the new Winery.


Luce racconta Luce – Capitolo 25 is the book created to celebrate Tenuta Luce’s 25th anniversary.
An original concept in which the icon-wine of Tenuta Luce tells its story and values through the photos of Cris Toala Olivares, a National Geographic photographer.


An Outsider in Montalcino, Presente e Futuro; and Luce racconta Luce, are the three shorts shown during the celebrative events as a story telling tool and to support the magazines. They were developed over the years to present Tenuta Luce to a global audience. 


Online, the celebrative concept of the 25 years of history of Tenuta Luce was developed through a special website divided into sections that are linked to the five pillars on which the history of the twenty-five vintages was developed.


The dualism of the brand inspires Casa di Luce, a project that gives life to six co-branding ideas which, year after year, celebrate the exclusive style of the winery through artisanal products that unite the most famous brands of Made in Italy and Luce, the emblem-wine of Tenuta Luce.


MUDEc, Milano

Among the many events we created, Luce and Music is the format designed by Itaca where wine meets music: piano notes at Teatro Nuovo in Verona for an Off Vinitaly event, and Paolo Fresu‘s trumpet notes, as well as the culinary creations of Enrico Bartolini, at MUDEC in Milan.

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